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Health Excellence has been in business for over 30 years, and the founder, Percy McManus, has been an herbalist and nutritional consultant since 1975.  She has taught thousands of clients how to get well, using the simple laws of nature, how they apply to your individual lifestyle, and how to use supplements in the most effective way to get the results you want.


Private Consultations

Appointments for private consultations are available.  The initial consultation includes an Iridology Analysis and muscle-testing, also known as kinesiology, which allows discovery of where the health issues are in the body, what started them, and which supplements are needed to reverse the symptoms.  Call (530) 672-9898 for available times.


"In the 25 years I've known Percy, she has been one of the most positive influences in my life.  She has completely changed how I look at my health.  Because of her, I understand that I have the ability and the responsibility to shape my own well being."

Susan Iversen, horticulturalist

"Percy has been my nutritionist and herbalist since the 1990s.  She has been a guardian of my health.  She always guides me in the way of using natural health solutions.  She excels at explaining nutrition in simple terms anyone can understand.  She is kind, gracious and easy to talk to about even the most personal health questions.  I recommend her to anyone who desires to live a healthier life.

Susan Elliott, scientist

"During the first three months following Percy's suggestions I was able to eliminate 12 of the 20 prescription drugs I was taking.  I was feeling the best I had felt in a long time.  I no longer had pain from three spinal fusions and the arthritis pain in my back was gone.  I was scheduled for foot surgery but cancelled it because her advice cleared up the problem.  Friends remarked how much better my color was and that I looked so much healthier."

Dave Larsen, retired teacher

"Several years ago I barely survived a head-on collision.  I was told by doctors that I had severe nerve damage to my hands that was incurable.  That was devastating news because I am a classically trained pianist and teacher, and the damage left me unable to continue my career.  After the doctors gave up on me, suggesting that I would probably end up in a nursing home, I met Percy and started on a nutritional supplement program.  Under her guidance my hands became healed and pain free, something I never thought I would experience again.  I was able to play the piano again and resume my career."

Karen Anderson, piano teacher

"I have known Percy since 1990.  Through life's ups and downs she has always been there for me and my family, helping us maintain our health using natural supplements.  Her health advice has always been spot on.  It's the manner in which she delivers her advice that I really appreciate.  It's honest, straight forward and not without a little humor.  She takes the mystery out of taking care of ourselves.  Without a doubt she is a gift."

Cheryl Johnson, quilter

"I am 79 years old, a retired registered nurse, so pharmaceuticals have been what I've known and used.  Then 20 years ago I met Percy.  She introduced me to herbs--and real health--and now every cell in my body sings with vitality!  The only side effects of a good diet, herbs and exercise is good health!"

Audrey Hargrave, retired nurse

"I have known Percy as my friend and mentor for over 30 years.  At first she helped me get my health on track, then she taught me how to use herbs and I became an herbalist myself, ministering to the needs of my clients.  I have had my own herbal and nutritional practice for over 20 years now.  Percy has always been a blessing and an inspiration to me."

Sue Reynolds, herbalist

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Percy for over 25 years.  Whenever I have some kind of "non-optimum wellness issue" I give Percy a call and she always knows exactly what to do."

Glenn Swenson, marketing director

"After giving birth to my daughter, I had a gall bladder attack and ended up in the emergency room.  Even though it was discovered I had no gallstones the doctor said the only way to get rid of the pain was to remove the gall bladder.  I went home, called Percy, and took her suggestion.  My pain immediately subsided and I still have my gall bladder today, 18 years later.  I trust Percy's advice implicitly.  She helps me heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She is invaluable in keeping me in balance and in good health."

Alexis Merydith, systems analyst

"I have known Percy for over 30 years and have always followed her herbal advice about my different health issues.  These issues include kidney stones, parasites, dehydration, nosebleeds, sinus infections, colds, ear infections, and breakthrough bleeding with my cycle, just to name a few.  When I was raising my daughter she helped me use the right nutrition and supplements and my daughter never had to go to the doctor, even when all her classmates were getting sick.  I'm so grateful Percy came into my life and helped me understand the way our bodies work, and the role herbs play in keeping us healthy."

Norma Anderson, day spa owner

"I consider the day that I was introduced to Percy in 1985 a life-changing, red letter day.  It took courage for me to move from the socially acceptable world of western medicine to a more natural approach that requires being personally responsible, but Percy helped show me the way.  I have had hundreds of minor illnesses corrected, several major healings, and psychological and spiritual repairs beyond enumeration.  I've been blessed beyond comprehension."

Gail Nadine, accounts payable manager

"Percy is truly a gifted healer and teacher.  She generously shares her hard-earned wisdom with those of us who value her amazing insight and knowledge of how the body works.  I have trusted Percy with my own health needs for 22 years and have also recommended her to my family and friends.  I encourage everyone to pay attention to her vast understanding of the human body.  She teaches you that health is really simple, that we can recover and ultimately stay well, using nutrition and natural techniques."

Joanne Harvey,  E.F.T. Master and certified Havening Practitioner





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